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Used John Ellis Living Water Machines

We have one like-new used E-5 available.
If you are interested, contact me. SOLD

You don't find many used Living Water Machines. People hang onto them. But we get one from time to time, and when we do, it will be posted here. So, if you're interested in a used E-4 or E-5, keep checking back.

"That water you sent me - I have to tell you, it's the most amazing experience I ever had in my life! It lit me up and gave me a sense of well-being. I'm talking immediately! I'm talking after just one glass!"
- Douglas G., 47-year-old drinking water professional, Albuquerque, NM
After trying the water, Douglas purchased a machine of his own.

Robert H., Grand Rapids, MI
"I did an experiment with the water sample. I placed one sunflower seed in each of three separate containers: distilled water, distilled water with 'alkalizing drops', and John Ellis E-4 Water. The distilled water seed had the slowest rate of germination. The distilled water + drops was noticably faster. The E-4 water germination rate was significantly faster, visually impressive.I had already done a comparison between distilled water and lwm4 water twice because the difference was so pronounced - E-4 water over twice the germination rate of distilled. So when comparing the three, I waited 24 hours after starting the other seeds before starting the E-4 seed. After another 24 hours, the E-4 seed had passed the germination stage of the other two containers."
Robert went on to buy an E-5

Water is the basis of all life. It is the solvent and transporter of all elements inside our bodies. All nutrients and fuel are carried to our cells in water. All waste is eliminated in water. Blood is mostly water; blood flows because water flows. Nerves execute their electric charges in water. Water is the medium that makes nerve impulses possible. But water is not all the same. If you want the best water on earth, you've come to the right place.

John Ellis Living Water

Energized water, living water, John Ellis' Electron 4 Living Water Machine
Krysal showing us the Electron 4 Living Water Machine

The E-5 is here! (see below)

Robert O. Young, PhD, in his bestselling book, THE PH MIRACLE, says on page 94: "I know of only one home appliance that provides a reasonable simulation of nature's water-processing system, alternately heating and cooling the water. It is called the Living Water Machine (see Resources) [And when you go to the Resources section of the book, page 324, you find he is talking about John Ellis' Electron 4 Living Water Machine - as featured on this page].... It produces very pure distilled water that is...biologically active - that is, alive - by keeping out organic solvents that other machines may transfer to, and even concentrate in, the distilled water."

What you don't want! Here is a picture of the inside of the boiler of my E-4 Machine after processing just 60 gallons of water starting with a completely clean machine. This shows just how effective the machine is at removing contaminants. But this much residue (one full pound) from just 60 gallons of municipally-treated, government-inspected and approved tap water is truly horrifying.

The Electron 4
Living Water Machine

Paul Lecour, 80 years old and in great health, says:
"Nothing on earth can compare with Ellis' machine!"
Paul's been drinking Ellis' Living Water for several years.

Lucas S. - San Francisco
"Best water I ever tasted! This machine is a wonderful investment. I recommend it to everybody!"

"Within 24 hours after starting to drink this water, I knew it was working, and I was astonished. You see, I'm crippled up pretty bad, and I got 30% improvement in flexibility right away! This is the first hope I've seen in 20 years."
— Anita B. - McAllester, Oklahoma

The Electron 4 Living Water Machine, invented, patented -
US Patent number 4,612,090 (15 claims)
and METHOD PATENT 5,203,970 (more patents pending)
manufactured by John Ellis - makes 1/2 gallon distilled, energized water per hour, or up to 12 gallons per day, and up to 200 gallons per day of energized but not distilled water. These machines are hospital-grade stainless steel, small, weigh only five pounds, and travel well. These are sold brand new only and shipped directly from John Ellis. All sales are final - no returns - no refunds. One-year full warranty on all parts. Machines are made to order and shipped UPS ground. Allow one week to two weeks for manufacture and one week for shipping. Most machines are received within two weeks, but sometimes it might take three.

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: $1,700.00
Price for online purchase: $1,500.00

Leaves S. Garnett
7030 West Ord Lane
Wasilla, Alaska 99654

phone (907)###-####

Nominal shipping within Continental U.S.A. - tax included

Use this button for Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico
(includes $75 shipping)

Outside the U.S.A.?
No Problem!

When shipping to other countries, to guarantee delivery, quick shipment, and smooth passage through Customs, John Ellis uses a special broker with a fee of $175.00 to European countries. If you are ordering from Europe, use this order button

If you are ordering from the Far or Middle East, Philippines, Australia or New Zealand (the shipping broker fee is $200), use this button

"I have the E-4 over two years now and think it is really great! I am age 57 and have virtually no grey hair. I feel as if I am 20 when I continually use this amazing water. The machine produces daily an ample supply for all our family's internal water cares/needs. One feels great with it and can drink a lot more than one's normal water intake and therefore can do a lot of internal cleansing." -- Ward H. - Hawaii

The Electron 5
Living Water Machine

This mcahine has two bulbs and a more powerful transformer - twice the oxygen and free electrons in the water - twice the energy

E-5 Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: $2,800
Price for online purchase: $2,500

Leaves S. Garnett
7030 West Ord Lane
Wasilla, Alaska 99654

phone (907)###-####

Nominal shipping within Continental U.S.A. - tax include

Use this button for Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico
(includes $75 shipping)

Outside the U.S.A.?
No Problem!

When shipping to other countries, to guarantee delivery, quick shipment, and passage through Customs, John Ellis uses a special broker with a fee of $175.00 to European countries. If you are ordering from Europe, use this order button

If you are ordering from the Far or Middle East, Philippines, Australia or New Zealand (the shipping broker fee is $200), use this button
TRY Living Water Machine Water!!!

If you would like to try this water, I will ship you freshly made, 100% pure, Distilled Energized Water made with John Ellis' Electron 4 Living Water Machine and packaged in new Lexan #7 bottles. Purchase Ellis' Living Water and Living Water machines securely on this website. Or order by mail with check or money order.
Leaves S. Garnett
7030 West Ord Lane
Wasilla, Alaska 99654

phone (907)###-####

3 Liter (101.4 floz) in #7 Lexan Bottle 3 Liter Bottle
plus shipping and handling $15.00
Total - $185.00 (9 lbs)

($15.00 extra shipping for each additional bottle)

Wait! Shipping water is expensive and much more so if shipping outside the Continental United States. If you are outside the Continental U.S., do not order water without contacting me first for shipping price adjustment. email me or phone 907-###-####.

6 Gallons (22.2 L) in #7 Lexan Bottle6 Gallons!
plus packing, handling and shipping $100.00 (50 lbs)
Total - $1050.00
Extra shipping for each additional bottle: $100.00

Wait! Shipping water is expensive and much more so if shipping outside the Continental United States. If you are outside the Continental U.S. (except Hawaii and Alaska - we have buttons for them) do not order without contacting me first for shipping price.
email me or phone 907-###-####

Use the following button if ordering from Hawaii: $150 Shipping

Use the following button if ordering from Alaska: $125 Shipping


Today's water is helping to spread disease!
All water, even common distilled, contains disease markers. John Ellis' Living Water Machines produce high energy, pure, distilled water with all diseased memory removed and a high electron count with abundant oxygen retention. The machine's patented process expands the water molecule, increasing the water's capacity to carry free electrons and oxygen. It also lowers the surface tension of the water resulting in improved hydration. Better hydration means better tissue permeation. It will transport nutrients to the cells better and transport waste from the cells and out of the system better, and it will be more conductive electrically. Our bodies are electrical networks, cells and nerves communicate with electrical impulses which are passed through the water of our systems, the more conductive the better. The conductivity level depends on the amount of free electrons in the water. Tap, bottled, and normal distilled have no free electrons at all. A quart of Energized from John Ellis' Electron 4 Living Water Machines has one million free electrons! A quart of Energized water with a one-gram bag of Marine Bio's Coral Calcium Minerals added has over one billion (1,000,000,000) free electrons. The straight Energized water has a pH of around 7, consistent with distilled water. When a one-gram bag of Coral Calcium Minerals is added, the pH is brought up to between 10.9 and 11.1!

So what does this mean? First of all, acids cause disease and death, problems such as hardening of the arteries, fat, kidney stones, gall stones, arthritis, cancer, the list goes on. In order to get healthy and stay healthy, we must alkalize our bodies as normal metabolism, incorrect diet, and environmental factors are acid forming. (Reference: Dr. Theodore A. Barody, ALKALIZE OR DIE, the seminal book on the relationship of pH to health.)

The quickest and most effective way to alkalize is by drinking Distilled Energized water with ionic Coral Calcium added.

Oxidation is that process whereby "free radicals" (electrically imbalanced atoms or molecules which are missing electrons) take electrons away from stable atoms or molecules, causing damage, destruction, or mutation of the cells which are composed of these atoms or molecules, resulting in all sorts of disease including cancer. They call the process "oxidation" because the most prevalent and deadly free radical is the oxygen free radical, Super Oxide. Since all free radicals operate the same, they have named the process "oxidation," even though oxygen is not involved except in the case of Super Oxide.

Since free radicals need electrons, free electrons in the system combine with these atoms and neutralize them, so that they don't take electrons from stable atoms or molecules and, therefore, don't damage cells.

The free electrons that come into the system with Energized Water or Energized Water fortified with ionic Coral Coral Calcium are used to neutralize free radicals. These electrons can neutralize free radicals and kill pathogenic bacteria, viruses, funguses, and yeasts, which all have positive electrical charges and can be neutralized by the negative electrical charge of the free electron.

Beneficial bacteria in the system have negative electrical charges and are not harmed by free electrons. This is the difference between the chemical drug treatment of disease, which kills everything even the necessary beneficial bacteria, and natural, nutritional healing, which destroys the bad bacteria and leaves the good bacteria alone, thereby strengthening the immune and all other systems.

Put any water, tap, reverse osmosis, spring, distilled, filtered, etc. into a hot tub without any type of chemical treatment, circulate it at 98.6F for a few days, and it will start to smell bad. Why? Because all water on earth, even distilled, is very low in oxygen levels and has stored memory of what it has been contaminated with over many centuries of time. Bacteria, viruses, and spores will spontaneously begin to develop.

All water, after it leaves a purifying system quickly grows viruses and bacteria at room temperature. The John Ellis Living Water machines fix this by changing the properties of the water so that it will take on free electrons and maintain high levels of oxygen (just pumping oxygen into the water will not do it).

Today's water is spreading disease at an alarming rate, and that is well-documented. For example: chlorine doesn't even kill a rapidly growing list of bacteria anymore (Water News, Dec. 1998).

Our bodies are 70% water, our blood 90%. What do you suppose drinking contaminated water is doing to you?

Mr. Ellis explains that water's memory can only be removed by the expansion and contraction of the molecules at a higher rate than would normally be found in the environment. In the environment, the change in temperature (which causes expansion and contraction) at any particular instant is only a fraction of a degree or at most a few degrees - not enough to remove the memory.

Mr. Ellis' machine provides repeated expansion and contraction of the water molecules with a differential temperature of 80 degrees or more per minute. The water vapor created by Mr. Ellis' machine's boiler is then exposed to a high intensity ozone light from a special device developed for Mr. Ellis by Owens Corning. The ozone reacts chemically with the vapor, adding high concentrations of free electrons and oxygen (not ozone) into the absolutely pure distilled water the machine produces.

With the memory removed, small amounts of this concentrated electron water (about 2% of any total water volume) can maintain pure clean water in hot tubs for YEARS without any type of chemical treatment. The same applies for fish tanks, wells,

One of my clients, Sandra, had an infected well that produced foul smelling water with brown slime residues. She treated the well with E-4 Energized water and reported after 4 months: "My water is still smelling good, and the brown stuff that would show up around faucets is not happening any more. This is very exciting!"

even whole aquifers. But note: the electron energized water will not clear up algae. Algae, although you may not want it in your fish tanks or ponds, is a naturally-occurring, healthy growth. In fact it is even dried, powdered, and sold as a health supplement. If you don't want it, you will have to control the light. Energized water will neutralize and clean up bad bacteria and rot, not healthy growth.

You can refresh your body by puting 6 oz. of Electron Energized Water into your bathtub water. Growing plants and vegetables with Electron Energized Water increases their vitality, size and production.

Medical data shows electrons kill viruses, pathogenic bacteria, and parasites with astounding effectiveness. Science and VIE 9/98 describe how doctors at Geneva University Hospital found that electrons - the same as found in the water produced by Mr. Ellis' machine - kill pathogenic bacteria!

The original oxygen levels on earth are reported to have been at 38%. Today, oxygen levels register at 8% (Sci America). Other scientific research indicates that the number is more like 18 to 21%. But whatever the actual number, it is obvious oxygen levels are decreasing drastically - and with dire consequences.

As oxygen levels have been decreasing, electron levels have also been decreasing, and sickness levels have been increasing. Disease is rampant. There simply aren't enough electrons in the atmosphere to kill the viruses, pathogenic bacteria, and parasites that are mutating beyond the control of antibiotics!

Low oxygen is the basic cause of health problems, including aging. Old age is not caused by time! Oxygen levels are way too low! And we are no longer getting enough germ killing electrons in the air we breathe.

We all know this is happening, and it's happening right now!

If you believe the Bible, before the flood people were living up to 1000 years. There was much more oxygen and free electrons in the air, and, of course, the water was not contaminated.

Now we can get the electrons and oxygen we need!

Water treatment plants across the U.S.A. are adding many different chemicals to the water, to try to control the multiplying bacteria before it reaches your home. This water has a memory - plus chemicals!

What kind of water are you drinking?

Chemically treated tap water won't kill you right away, but just like cigarette smoking, it is slowly taking its toll. Some sources claim it is one of the three leading causes of athersclerosis and heart disease (the number 1 killer in America).

Take charge of your health! Drink the best water possible! That is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

Dr. Allen E. Banik, lifetime student of and expert on water and its relation to health and disease, author of a great little book on water titled THE CHOICE IS CLEAR, says that when you drink any water except distilled, you are putting into you body — sometimes more, sometimes less, but always some — just those elements that your body should be eliminating: heavy metals, inorganic metals, toxic chemicals, viruses, bad bacteria, spores, funguses, yeasts. But when you drink pure distilled you are not putting in any of these noxious elements at all, and you are dissolving and flushing out those that are there.

Taking it further, when you drink distilled Energized water from John Ellis' Living Water Machine, you get all the benefits of distilled plus the added benefits of a water freed of diseased memory plus extra electrons and oxygen, lowered surface tension and enhanced hydration.

Best of all: John Ellis' Electron Energized Water fortified with our complete complex of ionic minerals combined with a powerful supplement package to insure you get all of the essential nutrients every single day!

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