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Late 1950's - Mr. Nobuo Someya starts researching the sango coral reefs around Okinawa, Japan. He develops a process to use the fossilized coral from sands which are from broken off coral caused by wave and tidal action. Mr. Someya's process benefits the human body by helping to correct the bodies alkaline/acid balance (body fluids like saliva should be 7.1 - 7.5 pH for optimum health).

1963 - Mr. Someya founds Coral Biotech Co., Ltd. of Okinawa, Japan to process one gram (tea type) bags of coral in foil packets. The original product is distributed by Ericsson's group in Sweden. Mr. Someya patents his process in the U.S., France, Germany, UK. The US patent numbers are 4,463,031 and 4,540,584. The patents are still Mr. Someya's property.

1986 - Mr. Someya sells Coral Biotech and his Vice President, Mr. Oda, becomes the new president with an agreement that Mr. Someya will receive royalties on all coral made and sold under his patents. Mr. Someya starts Marine Bio Co., Ltd., to manufacture coral filters for industrial applications and does not compete with Coral Biotech in producing foil packs while his royalties are paid to him.

1995 - Arthur Franklin, Founder of HTN enters into an exclusive agreement with Rolf Ericsson to distribute Ericsson's Alka-Mine Coral Calcium in North America.

1996 - Coral Biotech stops paying Mr. Someya royalties. Mr. Someya sues Coral Biotech to stop selling coral. Mr. Someya's lawyer, Mr. Haig Oghigian sends HTN a letter of "cease and desist" to stop selling Coral Calcium in the U.S. Art Franklin goes to Japan in June '96 to meet with Mr. Oda of Coral Biotech and Mr. Someya of Marine Bio Co., Ltd. to find out the real truth about the coral situation. He learns that Mr. Someya is the original researcher, developer and patent holder of the coral process and HTN signs an agreement to purchase directly with worldwide rights for Alka-Line™ Coral Calcium product from Mr. Someya of Marine Bio Co., Ltd. The coral coming from Mr. Someya at Marine Bio Company is found to be superior in testing and all health benefits compared to Coral Biotech, because of Mr. Someya's developments in improved processing since the sale of Coral Biotech.

1997 - Art Franklin takes his third trip to Japan to participate as the only American and one of the five guest speakers in the celebration of the grand opening of their new 50,000 square foot coral processing plant in Nagano, Japan.

2001 - After five years in court Mr. Someya wins a cease and desist against Coral Biotech to stop production of coral products 2/28/01. March 2001, Art Franklin returns to Japan to visit Mr. Someya and his new Coral Production Facilities in Nagano.




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