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Water is water, right?


Water is the essence of life. Our bodies are approximately 70% water, our blood 90%. Water plays an essential role in every process in our bodies: respiration, digestion, glandular functioning, circulation, elimination. Water is the medium for transporting nutrients to the cells and waste material from the cells. It is the medium for carrying brain messages and nerve impulses throughout the body.

The quality of the water we drink has a major effect on the quality of our lives, yet this obvious fact is often completely ignored by health practitioners.

To determine the correct amount of water to drink divide your body weight by two, and that number is the amount in ounces for you to drink per day (more if you sweat a lot). And it should be the best quality water obtainable, because impurities, toxins, and the wrong water type will degrade your body's ability to function.

What type of water do you drink?

Two hydrogen and one oxygen atom combine to make up one water molecule (H2O).

The positively charged hydrogen atom in one molecule is attracted to the negatively charged oxygen atom in another and repelled from other hydrogen atoms. In this way the molecules form structured bonds with each other which compose the basic cohesion of water to itself.

In pure water, such as distilled or uncontaminated rainwater (also distilled water) or clean snow (also distilled water), the molecules configure themselves into 6-sided formations. This is the hexagonal form, and it is the natural or biological form. This 6-sided form of water is consistent with that of body fluids, which are basically made up of 6-sided water clusters also. The natural water in vegetable tissues is also almost completely 6-sided. And human babies are born with 100% 6-sided water molecule clusters.

According to biologists, the hexagonal form of water is best for the hydration of the cells. It allows more effective transportation of oxygen and nutrients by the blood to the cells and more effective waste elimination, improving the leaching out of toxic, non-organic minerals from the body, while preserving the minerals that are needed for life. It is the best medium for chemical and electrical communication between cells.

Water can also configure itself into 5-sided or pentagonal forms. These forms are not in harmony with the fluids of the body and can contribute to diseases. Biologists have found that high concentrations of 5-sided water clusters are common in people with compromised immune systems.

Reverse osmosis water purification systems produce one of the cleanest types of water obtainable, pure and free of contaminants—but with more 5-sided clusters than 6-sided. Therefore, this type of water, despite its purity, is not ideally suited for the biological functions of the human body.

The energy fields of the different types of water were not known until recently. Back when scientists were forming their opinions on which type of water was best, they considered only purity, not molecular configuration.

Your health may very well be suffering because of the kind of water you drink, even though you are drinking adequate amounts in the effort to do what is right for your body. By drinking the wrong kind of water, you are, at the least, causing your body to work harder in processing the mismatch, using considerably more energy than you should have to, unnecessarily draining energy that would better serve to maintain or regain health.

A third type of molecular arrangement is one with a completely random structure. This is the type that is commonly found in tap water, including both well and city water. This random type is the least desirable to drink in all four function categories: cellular hydration, nutrient and oxygen transport, cellular communication, and cellular detoxification. Also, it usually has unusable forms of minerals dissolved in it and an acid pH.

Long ago, when the earth was clean, the water we drank was distilled by the sun during evaporation. Then it condensed in the atmosphere and fell back to earth as pure rain. Now the atmosphere is polluted with acidic gases from the millions of barrels of oil and byproducts burned every day, and these gases add contaminants to the evaporated water, acidifying it, dissolving toxic chemicals and minerals into it, and causing mutation in its structure as it makes its way back to the earth. This is the acid rain we have all heard so much about. It contaminates everything it comes in contact with: our soil, our streams, rivers, lakes, springs, and wells.

The rainwater of old did not dissolve the forms of minerals into the water that are found in the water of today. We certainly need minerals in our bodies, but unless they are in the correct forms, they will do more harm than good.

My friend John Nitkowski had his well water tested, and it was found to contain abnormally high amounts of inorganic calcium, copper, and iron. These minerals were obviously causing health problems in his family, because their health immediately improved when they stopped drinking that water.

The main contaminants most commonly found in our water supplies are microorganisms, heavy metals, organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, and radioactive minerals. The most hazardous are the microorganisms: bacteria, cysts (cryptosporidium, giardia), viruses, and spores. These organisms in your drinking water can prove deadly to your family. All of them have negative effects on the body. How they affect different individuals will vary based on many conditions: age, strength, amounts consumed, etc.

Most city water comes from reservoirs and rivers, with the almost certainty that rainwater has washed pollutants into it. In addition to this, chemicals such as chlorine, alum, fluorine, lime, phosphates, and sodium aluminates are added to "purify" the water by killing the microorganisms. There are usually present also high amounts of asbestos, arsenic, cadmium, and cyanides. All these substances are either carcinogenic (cancer causing) or combine with other substances in the body to become carcinogenic.

Well water can also be very high in toxic chemicals with residues from chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It is also usually high in inorganic and imbalanced minerals with an acidic pH. And drinking acidic water is without question bad for your health.

Dr. James Balch, author of PRESCRIPTION FOR NUTRITIONAL HEALING, says in the book: "....the calcium found in hard water is not good for the heart, arteries, or bones. Unfortunately, hard water deposits it's calcium and other minerals on the outside of these structures, while it is the calcium that is found within these structures that is beneficial to the body."

In order to achieve the best health, it is vital to drink good water. And the best way to insure the quality of the water is to purify it yourself with a home purification system. When you buy water at the store, it often comes in plastic containers of the kind that are designed to degrade so they will deteriorate in landfills. The problem with this type of container is that it will leach PVC's and other toxic agents into the water. If the containers you use to hold the liquids you intend to put into your body are plastic, make sure they have a "7" in the recycle triangle, which is found on the bottom of all plastic containers. This mark indicates a form of plastic designed to not leach and is considered safe. Containers with any number other than "7" in the recycle triangle should not be used for drinking water.

There are many different kinds of home water purification systems on the market, and they're definitely not all equal. Some will actually grow bacteria and viruses in them.

Purifier Performance Comparison Chart


Steam Distilled w/carbon

Reverse Osmosis

Carbon Filter
Carbon Filter /Silver
Ceramic Filter
Ceramic Filter /Silver
Heavy Metals
Organic Chemicals
Inorganic Chemicals
Radioactive Minerals

Distilled water is the best water to drink and water distillers are the best home purification systems. Distillation will kill and remove bacteria, viruses, cysts, heavy metals, radionuclides, organic and inorganic chemicals, gases, and particulates. You end up with water and nothing but water, pure H2O - and with the desirable 6-sided molecular cluster structure.

When distilled water is made from tap and well water, the small amount left behind in the boiling chamber is concentrated with the residue from the original water. It is disgusting to look at, and you certainly wouldn't drink it.

In their best-selling health and nutrition book, FIT FOR LIFE II: LIVING HEALTH,
Harvey & Marilyn Diamond write: "Distilled water has an inherent quality, acting almost like a magnet. It picks up rejected, discarded, and unusable minerals and, assisted by the blood and lymph, carries them to the lungs and kidneys for elimination from the body. The statement that distilled water leaches necessary minerals from the body has no basis in fact. It doesn't leach out minerals that have become part of the cell structure. It can't and won't. It collects only minerals that have already been rejected or excreted by the cells.... To suggest that distilled water takes up minerals from foods so that the body derives no benefit from them is absurd."

Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, M.D., in his seminal book ALKALIZE OR DIE, says: "I encounter considerable resistance to the idea of drinking distilled water. Why, when I look for even one reputable source about the leaching out of valuable minerals from the body, it is not to be found? ...only distilled water produces a negative ion reaction in the system. And negative ions are alkaline-forming. All other forms of water contain varying amounts of positive (acid-forming) ions....Tissue acid wastes, which lead to an unwholesome death, are positively charged. Distilled water, being negatively charged, draws to it the positively charged acid-waste products and flushes them into the elimination channels."

Doctors James Balch and Andrew Weil are also strong proponents of distilled water.

The only water I drink and cook with is distilled water I make myself. I experienced a strong positive effect from the first glass I drank. Also, my food tastes better when it is cooked with distilled water. I use Marine Bio's Coral Calcium to add the complete complex of necessary minerals in the proper ionic forms and in the proper proportions.

Distilled water is very reactive, making it the best form for transporting minerals and oxygen in the bloodstream, but that also makes it very aggressive at leaching chemicals out of the plastic bottles if you buy it in them. Because it may leach some of the unwanted minerals out of your body, your body may become slightly more acidic, because even undesirable minerals may be keeping the pH level higher. But when you add the proper minerals (biological and ionic), the water becomes properly alkaline and gives you the health benefits you are looking for, without any of the toxic effects of the wrong forms of minerals.

Distilling removes the inorganic, random, large-sized minerals from the water, and adding Marine Bio's Coral Calcium replaces them with correct biologically active ionic minerals. Because the water is distilled and therefore composed of mostly 6-sided molecular clusters, all of those minerals are transported by the blood most efficiently to be used where they are needed. Phenomenal results are obtained using this system, and there is much testimony of many people completely recovering from all types of degenerative diseases using Marine Bio's Coral Calcium-fortified distilled water.

You owe it to yourself to drink the best quality of water possible. If you are doing everything else to try to be healthy, including exercise, proper diet, proper supplementation, proper rest, etc., don't neglect the importance of drinking the proper form of water.

Water is the best liquid to drink. Distilled water is the best water to drink. Distilled water treated with Marine Bio 's Coral Calcium and John Ellis' Oxygen Concentrated Electron Energized Water is even better.



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