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Kurt Grange Ph.D

Dr. Kurt Grange Conference Call 6/29/04

on Super CitraMax® a component of Recomposize

I have been using Super CitraMax® for 2 years now and we have been using it for athletes for quite a few years now.

One of the big things that Super CitraMax® helps to do is remove the fat from between the muscle fibers. Everybody looks down and sees their little pushy stomach sticking out or little love handles, or they look into the mirror to see how broad they are getting across the beam. Now that is subcutaneous fat and that is the fat that you can see. The fat that you can't see that a lot of people have is actually laced in between the muscles. One of the really neat things that the Super CitraMax® does is to break down the poly-hydrocarbons that help make up the fat in that it uses that fat for energy. You see normally in the mitochondria in each one of your cells glucose and fat burn at almost a 50 - 50 ratio. And one of the things that Super CitraMax® allows it to do is to burn more fat instead of glucose which allows it to do other things around the body. But it also does not allow keytones to build up or lactic acid. So when athletes begin to perform they begin to use the material between the muscle for energy and then they begin to burn more fat around the body which makes the body more efficient, because there is more energy in fat than in glucose or protein...using that instead....

The other thing it does is it really stops a lot of cravings. A lot of people have that four o'clock "I want to run to the refrigerator" and you open the refrigerator and you do that three or four times. And nothing ever changes, but you keep on doing that. You are looking for something but many don't know exactly what it is. They will taste a little of this or of that. What they are looking for is something that the body is missing. It is a craving. And one of the other things that Super CitraMax® does is that it allows a nice even flow of glucose to flow through the cells so that it stops a lot of the cravings.

Super CitraMax® is a great contributor to a tremendous weight loss product (Recomposize) because it evens out a lot of things and makes the body demand or use the fat material in it. So you are not going to lose protein weight. You are not going to lose water weight. You are going to lose fat weight. And that is why Jeff and I always say to all of you: throw away your bathroom scales. The scales mean zip, because muscle weighs 2 1/2 times what fat does. So you can be losing a lot of fat and doing a lot of exercising and you could probably be gaining weight, or at least staying the same. Don't go by the scale. Ignore the scale. Get the tape measure out. See how your clothes fit.

If you want to be an athlete, Super CitraMax® is right up your alley. It will help you perform at a much higher level!

Kurt D. Grange, Ph.D.
Dr. Grange is a Nutritional Biophysiologist, educator and a highly requested international lecturer on the human anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, biochemistry, and sports medicine. He has traveled extensively giving lectures and seminars to health care professionals and health conscience groups on complementary medicine and health and nutrition by doing live blood cell evaluations using a multiphase darkfield microscope.

Dr. Grange has a Bachelor of Science Degree with dual majors in Physical Education and Health from the University of Utah. He has a Master of Science in Biophysiology and holds a National Certificate as an Athletic Medical Trainer from the University of California at Riverside.

Dr. Grange has a Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition, a Ph.D. in Nutrition and a Doctor of Naturopathy from Clayton University.

Dr. Grange serves as a department chairman for math and science in the state of Nevada and has spent the last thirty years teaching anatomy and physiology to premedical students.

Universities Attended:

Colorado State University
University of Utah
University of California Riverside
Azusa Pacific College
Clayton University
University of Nevada at Reno


Bachelor of Science: Dual Major: Physical Education and Health
Master of Science : Biological Science
Master of Science: Nutrition
National Certification: Athletic Medical Trainer
Ph.D.: Holistic Nutrition
Doctor of Naturopathy

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