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Mineral Of Miracles
by Jeff Bennert PhD, CTN
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Everything you need to know about the best-selling nutritional supplement of all time, Sango Coral Calcium

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Feel Great! Look Great! Be Great!
Get Healthy & Stay Healthy!

It's easy! Much easier and very much less expensive than the alternative:
the emotional and financial costs of disease

This site is about health, not disease. It is not about medicine, not conventional, not alternative, not any kind of medicine, not even a little bit. Here is Everything For Health / Nothing for Disease.

When a person succumbs suddenly to some disease, perhaps a heart attack or a quick aggressive cancer, everybody says, "But he (or she) was so healthy!" But they were wrong. He or she was not so healthy. The fatal illness had roots going way back.And when a person "suddenly" heals, it is not an isolated miracle. It is the result of countless miracles over time.

Health belongs to Light. Disease belongs to Darkness. The business of disease depends on keeping us in the dark.

It is getting so bad that we as a culture actually consider health unattainable. We accept disease and pre-mature death as "the way things are," and we turn to medicine not for health but to ease the pain, and to keep or render us unconscious and not responsible.

It is correct that we don't look to medicine for health, because medicine cannot give it to us, or sell it to us, not for any price, not now, not later, not ever.

Drugs can remove or alleviate or suppress symptoms, sometimes, but that is not curing anything. And every drug has negative side effects, averaging seventeen negative side effects per drug - according to PHYSICIANS DESK REFERENCE (PDR). "Negative side effects" are not just words. Bad things happen to real people as a direct result of taking drugs. According to JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), over 125,000 people die every year in the U.S. from the negative side effects of drugs properly prescribed and properly taken - and that does not take into account people who are severely damaged but do not die. Add those to the number and the casualty count goes up to well over a million.

Over one million people per year severely damaged or worse from the negative side effects of taking drugs properly prescribed in proper dosages!

Frank Lloyd Wright said it: "Science cannot save us, for it is science that has led us to the brink of the abyss."

But there is real hope. With what we know now, almost everyone can overcome their health issues (I'm not talking just minor issues, but "incurable" and "terminal" conditions as well) and enjoy radiant health for many years longer than the average expected lifespan. And there is virtually no one, regardless of age or condition, who cannot realistically improve their quality of life - and do it right in the face of the compounding horrors of modern life.

According to United States Senate Document 264 no one can eat enough meat, fruit and vegetables to supply the nutrition needed for life, because too many essential nutrients are missing from our foods. Essential nutrients are those substances the body must have in full measure and consistently in order to function correctly (a body that is not functioning correctly will inevitably slip into disease and be unable to heal properly), but cannot make or synthesize from other substances, and so must be provided in the diet. The problem is no matter how carefully, naturally, or organically we eat, we cannot get all the nutrients we need from our foods, because they are just not there. Our soils are depleted, and if it's not in the soils, it's not in the foods that come from the soils. Plants cannot manufacture minerals. If the minerals are not in the soils, they are not in the plants.

Any essential nutrient deficiency, no matter how slight or insignificant-seeming, if not corrected, will lead to sickness and premature death.

To get adequate amounts of all the essential nutrients, supplementation is not just a good idea - it is a necessity. But millions of people are already supplementing without getting results. Why? Because the #1 mission of just about every company in the world is to keep increasing profits. That means cutting costs, which means cutting quality, which means you get shortchanged. Quality is crucial when it comes to health! Your body is made of what you eat. You cannot build a high-grade body with low-grade ingredients. Your body is the most valuable thing you have or ever will have in this life. Don't compromise on nutrition! The enlightening truth is cut-rate supplements are the most expensive! Don't throw away your hard-earned money. Give your body the best!

Stop eating ideas - Start eating food

The Good News is: The better we eat the less it costs. And the Better News is: The more nutritious and healthful the food, the more delicious it tastes. When you are eating the right stuff in the right amounts in the right way, you wouldn't trade it for anything. And yes, there is a trick to this, but I will be happy to help you get it, absolutely free of charge or obligation. And if we get our nutrients through a good multi-level company or companies, we get them at great savings or completely free - or better, we make a profit. And the Best News: Getting healthy is always profitable!

A sick lady bragged to me how she had found a cheap, chain-store brand of coral calcium and was using it instead of the proven effective Marine Bio Coral Calcium I had recommended to her. "Calcium is calcium," she said. Sure it is, but minerals come in many forms, and just because they have the name doesn't mean they are in a form your body can use. And then she said, "Look at all the money I'm saving!" Yes, but she was not getting better; she was getting worse. Then one day she had a massive heart attack. She survived but just barely. Now she is in very bad shape.
The Enlightening Truth: Cheap supplements are the most expensive!

Coral Calcium is a perfect example of the deceptions and misinformation that rule the marketplace. Coral Calcium is the biggest-selling nutritional supplement of all time. Why? Because the original coral calcium product (Marine Bio Coral Calcium from Okinawa) produced such spectacular results and generated such incredible testimonials that every company under the sun had to jump on the bandwagon and start turning out inferior coral calcium products by the ton. Now most of the coral calcium sold is these inferior products which are not producing great results, sometimes even negative results and negative research findings. And so coral calcium has gotten a bad name, becoming just one more meaningless product that does nothing or more harm than good. But don't be put off by that. The original coral calcium product is still being produced by the original company, Marine Bio in Okinawas, and is still the spectacular, uncompromised product it always has been. How to get the right Coral Calcium

Eric M. had been a friend of mine for over thirty years when his health started to fail. It was obvious to me that he desperately needed to get on the program. I told him about it, and he said he couldn't afford it. Three months later, my poor friend Eric was dead. So what was it that he couldn't he afford? He had no problem affording anything he wanted every single day: junk food, coffee, alcohol, soda, cigarettes, drugs. He could have sold his car and bought two years worth of the best supplements on earth. If he had done that, he would be alive and well today, and he would already have a new car. It's not that he couldn't afford to get on the program. It's that he couldn't afford not to!
The Enlightening Tuth: Eric did not comprehend the value of his own life!

Two things not to believe:
When they tell you you have a terminal disease with only a certain amount of time left to live, don't believe it! Because if you do, your body/mind will start shutting down all systems in preparation, and you are likely to die right on schedule. Believe instead that you can overcome it, turn it around, and get well!

There is tremendous power in belief - negative as well as positive!

When they tell you there's nothing more they can do, they are right - there is nothing more they can do. But don't believe there's nothing more that can be done! Because there is plenty more! You can change the entire course of your life in an instant. The difference between getting a little bit worse every day and getting a little bit better every day is just a simple change in direction, but it is the difference between life and death - your life and death! Your destiny is like sailing a boat. Turn the sails just a tiny bit this way, and you will crash on the rocks. Turn them a tiny bit that way, and it's clear sailing all the way.

There are many people alive and well today, disease-free after they were told they had "terminal" diseases and only months or weeks left to live!

A very sick person very close to death is equally close to healing!

Old Age is not caused by Time
Old age is caused by the cumulative abuse of the body over time. With most of us it's not intentional. It's because we are ignorant about what is good for us and what is bad. But it's not our fault! We are deliberately kept in the dark by enormous powers - by big advertising in behalf of the big businesses of fast and convenient, nutritionally deficient, toxic, addictive, processed foods, pharmaceutical companies and doctors pushing drugs, and supplement companies selling inferior products. No, it's not our fault. But it is our problem. The good news: We can overcome it!

Longevity is big business. There are more anti-aging products on the market than you can shake a stick at. But let's face it, folks, the one anti-aging product that really works, the only anti-aging product that really works is not a product at all. It is the Truth. And we give that away here free - 100% FREE. The simple Truth that so many professionals have been professionally obfuscating for so long, as if obfuscation were their professional obligation. And indeed it is, because when the Truth is known, they are out of a job. And the Truth is: Health is your only real hedge against aging! They can sell you products and make claims, and some of those products might slow it down some, but as is the case with any substances used to treat symtoms, they will create imbalances and negative side effects. You want to slow aging? You want to reverse aging? You want to get younger every day? There is only one way, only one way with no negative side effects: Get Healthy and Stay Healthy! And there is no product or group of products that can do it for you. You have to do it for yourself. You have to get with the program. There is no other way.

Trim those sails, people! Get the boat going in the right direction! It's already going. The momentum is already there. It's just a matter of making small adjustments. Start doing

Everything for Health / Nothing for Disease

Want to get rich quick? Make the commitment to health! When you make the commitment to health, you get rich instantly, richer than you ever dreamed possible!

Degeneration is not inevitable
Health is your birthright. You were created to be healthy. A self-healing body is the Creator's gift to every living creature - and that includes you and me. It is due to cumulative abuse that so many of us have compromised our abilities to heal ourselves to such an extent that our bodies are deteriorating faster than they can repair and rebuild themselves. But we can change that. We can start stopping the abuses right now, and we can start giving our bodies everything they need in order to function correctly.

Diseases are not mysterious, impossibly complex strokes of bad luck. Diseases are the logical effects of understandable and controllable causes.

Fat People are Starving to Death click here to find out

All diseases are the effects of causes. When you eliminate causes you also eliminate effects - the symptom sets the doctors call "diseases". But when you eliminate effects (as in the medical paradigm of treating symptoms with drugs, radiation and surgery - when it seems to be working), you do not eliminate causes. When you do not eliminate causes, you guarantee the recurrence of effects. The effects might not come back in the same forms, but they will be back - that is absolutely guaranteed.

The most common negative side effect of taking drugs to alleviate symptoms is the creation of a whole new set of symptoms requiring still more drugs.

A famous "healer" "cured" thousands of people of cancer, before the FDA ran him out of the country. But the majority of his patients died of heart disease and other illnesses not too long after that. This "healer" did not lead his people to health. He treated symptoms, more successfully than conventional medicine to be sure, but he did not eliminate the causes.
The Enlightening Truth: The great healer did not heal anybody.
(And he himself died at a young age of - guess what? - Cancer!)

It makes no difference whether you are suffering with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), Athersclerosis (hardening of the arteries), Heart Disease, Hypertension, Cancer, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS - amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Cirrhosis of the Liver, Hepatitis, Polio, Arthritis, Ankalosing Spondolitis, Crohn's disease, or whatever - all diseases are the effects of causes. In order to allow the body to heal itself, the causes must be eliminated, and the body must be provided with all the raw materials (nutrients) it needs to repair and rebuild the already-damaged parts. To think you can get real healing without correct and adequate nutrition is like thinking you can build a first class house without nails, wood, stone, bricks, and mortar, and the workers in good shape and all ready to go.

We've all heard people say they "tried it all." But they haven't tried the program. And, as a matter of fact, I don't want you to try the program. I want you to make a commitment to your health and then to follow through whole-heartedly. I don't want you to try. I want you to succeed!

Stop believing in the silver bullet! It is a lie. You are being deceived. Stop looking for it, because it does not exist, and it never will. Every year they spend millions pursuing the cure for this disease and that. And they're always getting closer, with big, gigantic, spectacular scientific breakthroughs, but do they ever actually get there? No. And they never will. Because the development of new patentable drugs is not the answer, although it certainly is lucrative - for them. Huge industries depend on not finding the cure, and you don't need me to tell you that these industries do whatever it takes to protect their bottom line, and to make sure it keeps increasing.

The Truth is out of the bag and can never be stuffed back in. There is no chemical or substance that can cure us of anything and there never will be. Yes, I acknowledge that symtoms must sometimes be treated in order to save lives; there is a place for medicine. But the only thing that can cure us is ourselves - our own God-given abilities to heal ourselves!

Your body can do it, but you've got to give it the chance. You right now are the result of everything that has gone before. You can't expect changes unless you make changes. To keep doing the same things while hoping for a different outcome is insane. Make the changes you need to make. Start eliminating the abuses and start giving your body what it needs in order to function properly. Make the commitment and then follow through wholeheartedly, and you will succeed. I absolutely guarantee it!

It all starts and ends in mind. Change your mind!

"For as he thinketh, so is he...." - Proverbs 23:7

Know what is possible. Know what you can do. Stop supporting what can never work. When you know what is right and what is wrong, you will do what is right. It does not take discipline. What it takes is Truth - combined with action. When you know it, you're smart. When you act on it, you're wise.

"Don't think miracles are for somebody else." — Myra Watkins

It is not too late!
The sooner you begin, the sooner you get results!

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